I posted this message on my social media pages last year. My feelings have not changed and I feel like the words still describe every emotion I went through that day!

Seven years ago I sat in the waiting room; nerves on edge, stomach in knots, palms sweaty, & feeling helpless. 

She was just over 7lbs and 3 months old, having lived 3 months longer than many physicians said. The sunglasses I wore hid the fear in my eyes. My faith carried me as we walked her back to the surgery pre-op beds. 

In her eyes was wisdom far beyond her years. Her little heart, broken yet mighty spoke to mines. Her life would be a powerful story of Hope, Faith, & Strength. Her testimony would inspire the hopeless and open the eyes of those trying to find their way to HIM, so she wasn’t going to leave me.    She had a number of angels surrounding her and the intercessory prayers of people near and far, she was here for a reason. 

When surgery was over and we walked in the ICU I wanted to sprint to her bed. Alarms sounding, her vitals brightly lit the monitors. Tubes,IVs, & the sound of the ventilator inhaling and exhaling for her greeted me.  In the middle of all those overwhelming devices, laid the smallest warrior I’d ever seen. She fought through her 2nd battle and made it. The next chapter would begin. 

Thursday, July 5, 2012 will forever be the date of Mylahs new start. That little heart that was once broken and flawed, was fixed and stills beats with a purpose. The JOY that she brings to my life is priceless. On the days when I’m not sure, she gives me reassurance. She inspires me when I doubt myself. She has shown me to create lasting memories every chance I get. Mylah showed me that LOVE doesn’t care about the number of chromosomes you have, heart defects, clenched hands, or rocker bottom feet. 

Mylah was sent here with a purpose, which is why I share our journey; the good and bad. There are many people who have been inspired by her story but I know there are many more who have yet to hear so I continue to share. Each day I’m reminded that life is short, tomorrow is not promised and yesterday should be cherished. 

I thank each person who was there that day. Those who waited with us, cried with us, & gave us a shoulder to lean on. Thank you to everyone who prayed on our behalf and who solicited prayers when we needed them.

I thank God for choosing me to mother Mylah, it’s the title that makes me most proud.

Happy 7 year ❤️Heartday ❤️Mylah! 

Thank you for being my biggest blessing and my greatest joy.


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