Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These...

Even as she sleeps I find myself in awe of her beauty, her courage, her strength, and tenacity.   

Sometimes we might catch a quick smile while she naps or she may giggle in her sleep. 

 I often wonder what her dreams are made of.... 
Does she get to run, jump, and play? 

In her land of dreams is there a pretty pink bike with training wheels and pretty colorful streamers hanging from the handlebars?  
Does she wear a sparkly, pink rhinestone embellished helmet as her long legs pedal down the block all while her long ponytails blow in the wind?

Does she sing loud while she plays hopscotch and double dutch or while she splashes in puddles dressed in her matching rain coat and boots? 
Does she lie in the grass and watch the summer nights sky with her mom & dad, pointing to the big stars that move along in the sky? 

Her dreams are my dreams and my dreams are hers... 

That's what our dreams are made of.... 


  1. These are some really sweet words. Just loved it! I can imagine how much you love and care for her from these words of yours. Hope she gets well soon.


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