Mark 9:23 "'If you can'?" said Jesus. "Everything is possible for one who believes." (NIV)

That was the scripture that I was led to. 

I was asked to share my testimony about Mylah and our life at the annual Watch Night service at Evangel Ministries  . My parents are members here and I frequent their services. It was at their annual Right To Life event where I first shared a brief story about Mylah's diagnosis and their leadership and congregation have been supporting my family and I ever since. 

I am always thrilled to be able to share how GOD has worked in my life and the life of our daughter so when I was asked of course I obliged. 

I'm not really nervous to speak in front of a large audience, but I do like to be prepared so for the past few days I have trying to find the right words to convey my story. I was prepared to share our story tonight exactly as it was written and I was positive that I might be able to keep my emotions suppressed. 

Well wasn't I surprised! It turns out that not only was my testimony shared, but I was also a 2014 recipient of their 2014 Kingdom Dreaming Award which was a complete surprise. I am completely humbled by this experience and I offer my most sincerest gratitude to Pastor Christopher and Minister Yodit Brooks and their congregation. I also would like to thank Pastor Mike and Minister Sherry Bonner for their continued support during our journey. 

Needless to say I could not hold my emotions in.... and Tiffany I am going to get you!! :-) 

Sharing our story and witnessing about God's great power and mercy will never get old and I will continue to share when needed and when asked to do so. 

2014 has proved to be a good year. We had some ups and downs all the way up until the end. Mylah has been sick this past week with a stomach bug. She hasn't been able to hold down anything and has been vomiting since Monday. She had been very weak and just sleeping the days away. I thought that she would not be able to attend church with us tonight, but as always GOD has a plan. His plan was that our daughter would accompany us to church this evening. She even praised GOD in her own special way. 

I will continue to share the good as well as the not so good to remind others that it is not always easy, but trouble doesn't last always either. 

I wish all of my readers abundant blessings in 2015!


Here is a link to the video of the service.

My award is at about 1:25:00 


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