Music To My Ears….

Have you ever looked at a person or noticed a individual daily, and when you finally hear the sound of their voice thought to yourself "that is not how I expected he/she to sound"

Now I know if you are someone who has followed our journey you may be recall reading about us hearing Mylah's voice.  Yes, Mylah made noises in the past when she was attached to her ventilator, but those sounds have been heard lesser since she is no longer dependent on the ventilator.  

As I previously explained in prior posts, due to her graduation from the vent she would be eligible for a speaking valve to attach to her trach. This speaking valve would allow her to be able to be heard and she would be able to hear herself.  Well today was that day. Of course I didn't get too far ahead of myself, and I understood that not getting the speaking valve was a slight possibility.  It's a behavior thats been learned throughout this process… 

Juwan & Toya took her to her appt and while I was in class I got the most inspiring text message. 

Of course fate would have it that my 6:00 pm class was cancelled due to the anticipated snow storm that's headed our way. I rushed home naturally, eager to hear that sweet voice.  Mylah had a different agenda however. She wouldn't make any sounds no matter how hard we tried to make her. 

Then a few hours later I heard the sweetest sound my ears have been longing for….. 

Now you should know this turned into a family event, via Facetime so that everyone could witness this beautiful little raspy voice…. 

I've never been so happy to hear a cry in my life! And you can tell that at a certain point Mylah was just listening to the sound of her own voice.  Toya kept reminding her that it was ok to just make the sounds that she didn't really need to cry! LOL! 

I know some may not grasp the significance of this moment, but I hope it shows you to appreciate the small feats and the things that are so "natural" to your everyday life, because they are momentous occasions to parents like me. 

Praising GOD for favor, blessings, and forward movement in our journey! 

All you have to do is BELIEVE!


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