Happy Father's Day!!!

Today we honor the men in our lives. The Fathers, Grandfathers, Uncles, Brothers, Coaches, Pastors, all the men who have taken on the role and helped influence and raise a child.

We HONOR the men who have created children and have both gladly & readily accepted responsibility for their blessings.

We HONOR the men who for whatever have no biological children of their own, but have accepted the role of Father in the life of a child who has become theirs.

We HONOR the men who have bravely stood up in the life of a child & passed down wisdom that will help that child make it in this world.

On THIS day, we simply say …….
                                                              THANK YOU!

I have been privileged to never have a day when I was fatherless. My father is 1st Love, My 1st HERO, My Teacher, My Friend, My Protector, My Confidante, My Provider, My EVERYTHING.

My Father had the influence of his Grandfather to help shape his life. My Father could have easily walked away from his responsibilities as a dad, but he didn't. Instead he began to shape the life that I would live.
I am a 100% Daddy's Girl. No matter how hold I get, I will still feel 5 years old when I'm with my him. I thank my dad for all he's done for me & my sisters. For all his mistakes, accomplishments, decisions, hard work, sacrifices.. Everything.

My dad is the best grandfather than Mylah could have. He's loving & caring and yes, he's wrapped around her finger.

I would never be able to thank my father enough for all he's done for me.

Juwan didn't have his father growing up. He didn't know him, He never saw him, didn't even know his name until a few years ago. He too, had a grandfather that helped shape him into the man he is today.

Sometimes when men lack the connection with their birth fathers there is pain, heartache, suffering, resentment, and anger. These feelings can manifest in a number of ways and for some men it can change the entire dynamic of their lives. Most times it's not for the better. Many people repeat what they are taught, & if a boy has experienced disappointment since the womb and he lacks a male figure in his life to help guide and show him how a real man should be, most times it will result in another fatherless child.

My husband and father could have easily been eaten up by the streets. At some point in their life they decided not to be like their fathers.

Being a mother to a child with special needs isn't easy so I know being a father to one isn't as well. It's not an easy situation to deal with or adjust to.

I thank my husband for staying with me. Us. He could have easily taken the easy way out.

I thank him for not being like the man who helped create him.
I admire him for the father that he is.
I know he probably thinks about the things that he may never get to do, but it doesn't stop him from being the best father to Mylah that he can be.

I know that she's a Daddy's Girl just like her mother because I see the joy in her face when he is with her. I hear the words (that she thinks she's pronouncing) when he cradles her in his arms.  I see the love in her big eyes when she stares up at him;  no doctor can convince me that my daughter doesn't know her DADDY.

The love that they share is a unique one. It's built on a foundation of strength & courage.

I know that they are made for each other.

So to my own DAD & my husband, the father of my child I say…….. I love you & Thank you! & I know if Mylah could say it she would say the same thing too!

The link below is a dedication to my husband, Mylah's Father Juwan.

I believe in capturing life's moments in photos. It's the one opportunity you have to freeze time to remember later. I know that he doesn't have any pictures of his own father, so I want to make sure he has an abundance of photographic memories of our daughter.

No matter what the future may hold, I know that you will AlWAYS be her Father and I know she will ALWAYS be Your JOY.

Happy 2nd Father's Day


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