In October 2012,  I did a phone interview with Ebony magazine for Ebony.com.

Friday, they posted that interview to their website.

Here is the link. Survivor Story.. A Mother's Miracle Baby....

Little Miss Mylah is becoming quite the celebrity...

Also, here are some corrections to the story and some points I wish to clarify just in case there is any confusion.

Walk With Me is a Pediatric Palliative Care program that shifts to Hospice should you need it. They were NEVER negative. They have proved to be a great resource for us. I was initially skeptical of meeting them, but once I saw that they wanted to support us and were very positive I was glad that we did meet. The hospital had explained that it was hospice and never informed me that it was a pallitive care program.

Juwan and I attempted to get pregnant for 2 years not three.

The OBGYN that the story speaks about is the maternal-fetal specialist physician from the hospital where I delivered, NOT my obgyn. She was VERY supportive in everything I wanted.

My sister Toya and I went through 4 weeks of training at the hospital for Mylah's ventilator and trach, not Juwan. He trained on weekends when he didn't have to work.

I prefer that you go to the SOFT website for information about Trisomy 18.  I did not find the Trisomy foundation (where the story links) to be very positive or supportive of me and my situation. They are not an organization that I support personally because I feel that they do not promote LIFE.

Since the interview Mylah has learned to talk over her trach, we are able to hear her voice now.

Overall I am very happy with the story that was written and I hope it brings awareness to Trisomy 18.


  1. Mina - I read your story on Ebony.com and wanted to reach out to you. I am field producer for the pro-life TV program, Facing Life Head-On. We recently did an episode on Trisomy 18. The family we interviewed had to overcome many of the same challenges as you did. I would like to mail you a DVD of the program. Could you please send me your mailing address via email at heather@facinglife.tv?

    You can also watch the program on our website at: http://www.facinglife.tv/episode/season_6/episode_11/episode_611.html

    God Bless you and little Mylah!
    - Heather


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