The ability to conceive & bear children doesn't come as easy to some women as it does for others.  If you are a woman who has never had an issue getting pregnant & STAYING that way, you should be thankful.

I'm finding on this journey that many women long to have children. Some picture their lives with children at a very young age. Personally my daydreams about my family started in my teens; A boy & a girl; because I always felt a girl should have a older brother to protect & annoy her.

Perfect Little Family right?....

For some that dream is a little harder to achieve. As I travel this journey I'm connecting with women who have lost children to miscarriage early in their pregnancies and some later all due to various reasons.
I only knew a handful of people who suffered from the loss of a child but now I'm finding more and more women have experienced the pain and some multiple times.

For this very reason when I hear about a parent especially a mother neglecting their child/children I really take it to heart because I know that there are so many women who wish they could have a child to care for & nurture.  Carrying a child is a blessing. For 9 months you carry inside you a mini version of yourself. Anticipation gets stronger as time goes by.  Daydreaming about what your life is going to be like. Decisions regarding daycare, Pampers or Huggies? Breast milk or Formula? Pink or Blue?

Then in a instant that dream is snatched from your womb. Months, weeks, days; too early. Some go through the pain of having to birth a child with wings. A baby GOD decided to take back before he/she ever had a chance to live, breathe on this earth.  Leaving the parents to wonder, question, & attempt to grasp the shock of it all.

Not everyone gets the "healthy baby" that most people long for. Some go into the hospital expecting a baby but leave empty handed, no baby, only with the memories that they hold in their hearts.

Today is National Pregnancy Infant & Loss Remembrance Day. Today I say a special prayer for all those who have lost a child, suffered a miscarriage, & buried a child. May you find peace in the memories you hold in your heart and I pray GOD grants you the serenity to try again.


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