Mylah's Progress....

Mylah is making progress...they turned off her Nitric Oxide yesterday so that's one machine that's gone! Her pulmonary artery line was just removed. The doctors will monitor her for bleeding & if she's ok her chest tube will be removed today as well. Which will be another significant milestone.
Her ventilator settings were lowered today & they will continue lowering. They will turn the ventilator off to see how she tolerates breathing on her own & depending on how she does she may be able to have the tube removed tomorrow!

This morning a representative from the hospital came & said they will be shooting pictures & video tomorrow in the ICU. She asked if it would be okay for them to shoot Mylah. I signed a waiver allowing them to use her images. I can just imagine seeing Mylah in a publication or seeing her on tv in the bed as a camera pans past her & that University of Michigan Health System jingle playing! Mylah will need to prepare for her big day!

Sitting in this hospital each day is very hard. I spoke to a family yesterday who has been here since June. We could identify with each other in that even with what our relatives are going through, which is serious, walking these hallways you always find someone whose situation is worse than yours. I found myself saying "Thank You God" as I was reentering the hospital from a brief visit to the parking garage. Thanking him for Mylah, for her life, for guiding us to this hospital, & for the people that we are encountering who are also traveling their own journey.

Each day I speak to a family, I hear their pains, see their struggles, & witness their tears. They become a source of support for us & us for them because they can relate. They too share in your pain & anticipation. They know what a sense of relief it is to have blood pressures stabilize. They too anticipate moving to the 10th floor; it means progress. They understand that empty feeling you get in your gut when the machines start to blare & the doctors & nurses suddenly appear with concerned looks on their faces & have to bag your loved one.

This place is a serious dose of reality. Each day as we move forward towards going home, another family is preparing to start this leg of the race. The finish line most days seems so far away. There are a number of hurdles to overcome & some have more than others. Each time I think I've seen the smallest baby, the surgical team wheels in another one smaller or younger than the last.

Everyone in these walls needs GOD & it's amazing that he is covering so many, answering prayers, guiding the hands of these surgeons, giving peace to those who are suffering, healing those who are sick, giving strength to those who are weak, & comforting those who have lost.

We are very thankful for all the prayers & support that we have received! Please continue to pray for Mylah & all those who enter these walls.


  1. That's so cool that she'll get to be in a commercial! Faith was going to be in one but the camera men would have to wear those yellow protecters and it would be to much of a hassle. I'm so happy she's doing better! Maybe we'll see you soon!!!

    Grace Smith


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