Moving Forward....

with surgery for Mylah.  After much praying, fasting, advising, & thought we have decided on the Pulmonary Artery Band for Mylah's surgery. It was not an easy decision. I found myself wavering back & forth on how I wished to proceed with Mylah's surgical care.  In the end I'm praying for peace in the decision we've made. Although surgery for her is risky either way; Juwan & I felt that this surgical procedure was the best for Mylah.

It's so hard deciding on surgical intervention when she's been doing so well but we have to give her a chance. I don't think that GOD would have allowed Mylah to be here this long, thriving as she is, and not give us the decision to surgically intervene. He is continuing to use her to show people things they've never seen before. She is a strong little girl. She is showing me things I'VE never seen before.

I'm hopeful that everything will go fine. I'm just trying to accept the realization that this surgery is going to be very soon. In my mind I was hoping for at least a month before surgery, but according to her cardiologist it may be within the next 2 weeks.  When he said that my mind started racing! I had planned to have her christened in July and was planning on family photos sometime within the next few weeks. Although, we haven't been given an actual surgery date, I have to try & compress a month worth of plans into 2 weeks.  Talk about pulling your hair out.

I was watching Mylah sleep Saturday morning and I couldn't help but feel so THANKFUL for her and the time that we have together. She is one beautiful little girl. I love her more & more each day and honestly I didn't know I could love as much as I have until she came along. The love between a mother & daughter is different than the husband & wife love or the father & daughter love. It's indescribable.  I wouldn't change having her as a daughter for anything!

As these next few days come & go, I'll be cherishing my daughter and loving on her as much as I can.

I continue to ask that you pray for Juwan, Mylah & I and our extended family.  I'm not sure what THIS leg of the race is going to bring, but I'm preparing to buckle up for the ride.


  1. Let's get Mylah into the studio with you all for some family portraits - and the smiles and giggles!!

  2. Ur family. Will b in me & family. Prayers. Remember. God always. Has the last say so.

  3. Staying prayed up with you and your family. Hug Mylah for me!

  4. We will be praying. Don't stop asking God to heal her, but also ask for His will. At our first cardiology visit, they told us she would need surgery in 2 months. At our next appointment a month later, they were amazed and told us she no longer needed the surgery. God took care of it. But we asked God to heal her jaw and we both believe that he gave us a clear answer...He would walk us through the surgery. Seek Him and then trust Him. Let us know how we can help. -Brad and Jesi

  5. Mina God see's you and Pert as his faithful servants and it's because of the faith that you and all your supporters have and family support Mylah is going to defy all the odds and I will reserve that day for praying all throught the day of her surgery cause God is shining down on you and Pert and your beautiful bundle of joy.


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