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Mylah took some pictures last week. I was so honored that Sherry Kruzman asked if she could shoot Mylah. I've posted some of her pics below.

I'm just winding down from my 1st official Mother's Day. Today was a day that I will hold in my heart forever. I received so many cards, messages, & gifts that I am so overjoyed!

I don't take my role as Mylah's mother lightly and I'm glad that I was picked to be her mother! She has made me so happy. I felt my love grow for her all day.  The cards that I received meant so much to me! ( I love cards) Especially the ones with the personal messages wrote on the inside.

I never thought today would come, but I know that it was all in GOD's plan and not my own. I'm glad he made me wait because it taught me to appreciate it more than ever.

I will post another blog this week but I wanted to post these pictures of Mylah for all to see!

A special THANK YOU to Sherry Kruzman Photography for her beautiful photos!

Photo by Toya Thornton (Mylah's Auntie)

Mylah & Me on Mother's Day!

Mylah holding my 1st Mother's Day card
Photo By Sherry Kruzman Photography

Photo by Sherry Kruzman Photography

Photo by Sherry Kruzman Photography
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  1. She is so beautiful.

    Thank u for sharing her pictures.

  2. It was such an honor to get to hold and photograph Mylah. She is such an inspiration to everyone. I hope you will bring her back soon so I can try to capture some giggles!


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