Meet the Princess.....

Mylah Roberta P.

Born Saturday, March 24, 2012  5:11 A.M. 

Weighing in at 5lbs 3oz 18.75 inches

Our little blessing from GOD.  She defeated so many odds to get here. 

She still has a race to run, but she has so much love & support from so many individuals who are rooting for her and want to see her win this race. 

I won't write a entry tonight because honestly it's been an exhausting weekend, but I wanted to share our little bundle of joy with our readers because so many of you have been there following this journey from the beginning that it's only fitting that you get to see who you have been praying for! Thank you for sharing in our excitement & please continue to pray for our family!  

 Photos by Bella Baby Photography


  1. I am so unbelievably happy to see this picture of this beautiful baby girl. I will continue to pray for her and hope that she will continue to defeat the odds and amaze you and those around you everyday of her life. God bless baby Mylah<3

  2. Awl Mina she is beautiful! My prayers are with u and Miss Mylah. I have yet to stop thinking of you two since the day I heard of your 'journey'. May the good Lord continue to bless you


  3. I can't get her off my mind either - it was such an honor to be there to see her and I hope I get to do more photos of her - wherever that is!! Thanks

  4. Absolutely beautiful! Always praying for the 3 of you. Looking forward to reading more about her journey. ~blessings & hugs

  5. She is beautiful she looks like u already thank u for sharing your blessing and her journey with us I will keep u and your family n my prayers. Mylah's name fits her perfectly.
    Thank u soooooo much! U made me use one of my cries for the year. Smile

  6. What a little miracle, congratulations!!

  7. Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful daughter! I've been thinking and praying for you and your wonderful family all weekend. So very happy for you! God Bless! Carol RN

  8. God bless you and keep you and your precious angel. My daughter told us about you Mina, and your family. You have people in Anderson Indian praying for you, baby Mylah and the whole family. She is so beautiful. I thank God for her.

  9. Sending Blessings to Mommy & Mylah. Just received your thank you note, and feel so blessed we have crossed paths, there is no doubt God has arranged this exchange. I will continue to pray and send blessings your way! You are a strong woman Mina and I know God is making you stronger each day! Sending Blessings to the Perkins! Welcome Angel Mylah!

    p.s. please give your Mother a thank you for her sweet note of thanks. I feel like the blessed one.

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  10. Congratulations! It was an honor to be part of the birth of your baby. -Boyer

  11. Congratulations to your incredible family! It was SUCH a pleasure being with you and sharing in Mylah's first couple days! My life has been blessed because of those days! I'm so looking forward to reading more and watching her grow. Best wishes to all of you!! Bobbie Anne RNC

  12. Wow ... You never know what people are dealing with when you see them at work. I am humbled by your strength and integrity. Your love shines through in your determination to do the right thing. May God continue to fortify you and your family. Keep looking forward. Keep praying.


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