The Countdown....

is here... I'm about 12 days away from my due date of March 15.  All we do is sit & wait, & wait and sit. Wait for Ms. Mylah. How and when it will happen is what consumes my thoughts now. Will I be at home or at work? In the evening or during the day? How will this new chapter in my life begin?

I've cleaned my desk off at work to prepare for my departure. The house is as clean as it's going to get. I mean at 38 weeks I tackled the basement which was a HUGE assignment so I'm pretty proud of myself. My bag is packed, actually it's been packed since mid Jan because we were told that Trisomy babies tend to come early, but as you can see Mylah is proving to be not your ordinary Trisomy 18 baby. Her room is decorated and ready for her arrival. Her closet is full of clothing and her dresser drawers are full. She's actually kicked her father out of his 2nd closet.  We have so much pink, orange, and butterfly decor that our house has felt like Spring since January!

I can honestly say that I've had a pretty good pregnancy despite the Trisomy 18 diagnosis. No morning sickness, no major weight gain, my hormones were pretty much in check, my irritation level is just starting to increase.  I just focused so much on Mylah and getting her here that anything else wasn't really important.

The 9th month is the month to prepare yourself mentally and realize that soon there will be another person in your life. It won't just be Juwan & I anymore. It's been the 2 of us for the last 8 years. Soon we will become a "family". The 9th month brings the reoccurring questions that actually irritate me each time their uttered. Last week I wanted a shirt that said "It's a Girl" "March 15" & "I'm working til my due date". Month #9 also comes with the sleepless nights. Most nights I lay in bed just thinking. My thoughts just soar about Mylah, our life, the delivery and the future.   There is no way to prepare yourself for a situation like this. No books, no websites, no pregnancy magazines, nothing.
All we have is our faith in GOD and our strength which is what has gotten us to this point.

March marks Trisomy Awareness month.  Due to the pregnancy and my due date drawing near I can't do as much as I would like to do for Trisomy Awareness month, but I'm already thinking of planning fundraisers for next year! I think that because of Rick Santorum speaking about his daughter; who is a Trisomy 18 child who is 3! it has brought so much awareness to the cause. I intend to do my part so that our children are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve.

I asked my mother to come and photograph Juwan and me again in our newest Trisomy shirts that I ordered from Cafe Press. As before she did a wonderful job and I love how the pics turned out.

We are doing pretty good, everyone is anxious and excited. Everyone is waiting for "the day" & right now that's all we can do is wait.


  1. Our family is soooo excited for Mylah to come! Welcome to the ranks of Trisomy 18. We who have been blessed by God with the gift of children who teach us quickly how to depend on our Maker. We remain available to you any time we can be of help and continue to lift up prayers to our great God for you. May God continue to bless you with His joy!
    Lots of love,
    Brad and Jesi Smith


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