Filling in the Gaps.....

That’s what people have been doing lately.  I’ve always been a person to cherish the relationships that I share with others. I don’t use the term “friend” lightly, because it means so much to me.  As I get older, I’m finding out that people actually mean more to me than I probably mean to them.  I’m putting more into relationships & friendships but the same feelings are being returned. 
I understand that Mylah’s diagnosis has probably scared a lot of people.  They aren’t really sure how to react to the news.  People aren’t confident in what they should say. This situation has made it hard for most people, but it’s hardest for Juwan & I.

During this trying time I’m leaning on the LORD for strength and I’m so grateful for the supportive people that he has placed in our lives; my parents, friends, co-workers, & other families who have been down this road before.   When I feel like my strength is weakening and I begin to get sad, GOD sends these people in at the right time to lift me up. 
The other day I was kind of down, a coworker called me and stated that she had been reading the blog.  She said that the music mixed with the blog entries had brought her to tears so much that she was almost late for a doctor’s appt. We both laughed, but she doesn’t know how much the laughter I shared with her lifted my spirits that day.  I knew then that I could still remain strong & continue this fight.
Another young lady, who attended the same high school as me has been the source of tremendous support & encouragement these last few months.  It’s so funny because when we were told that Mylah had Trisomy 18, we were assured that she would die.  I immediately thought of her.  She had been through a tragic situation of her own and in that instance I knew I needed to speak to someone who had dealt with losing a baby.  

Most people say; “I understand how you feel” or “I understand what you’re going through” when really they can’t relate to your feelings or circumstance. During times like this it’s comforting to lean on someone who has been where you are.  I contemplated reaching out to her. We never had a conversation or socialized in the same circle of friends so essentially it was like reaching out to a stranger.  I had to be careful with my approach because death is a very sensitive subject handled & processed differently by everyone. I wasn’t sure if I would be overstepping my boundaries and the last thing I wanted to do was cause her additional pain or ask her to go back to a place where she wasn’t ready to discuss especially with someone who she probably hadn’t exchanged more than a “hello” with.
To my surprise she beat me to the exchange. She contacted me on Facebook & ever since that day she has been giving me encouraging words & support. She’s helped me so much & I don’t think I will ever be able to express the gratitude I have for her.
GOD has been placing people in my life during this time. I know that some people are only in your life for a season. In THIS season I’m finding that some people who I consider good friends haven’t actually been there for me like I thought they would.  However, where they haven’t been HE has sent others in to Fill in the Gaps and I am forever thankful.


  1. I'm Praying for you guys daily! :-)

  2. I really can relate to this posting Mina. We have not spoken since your wedding. I had no idea of Mylah's diagnosis. I was just so happy for you that I looked at the pics and didn't read the posts. Then I got the pic of you and Jwan and under it I saw the blog. I said, ohh wow that was a great idea to create a blog following her pregnancy. Why didn't I think of
    that. When I got to the blog and started reading it I broke out in tears. You know like you said people
    come into your life for seasons and we haven't
    talked in many moons. When I think about you I can
    here you singing to me .. I would ask you everyday.
    Lol But, at any rate I said to myself what do I say?
    I want to talk to her but the last thing she needs
    right now is a old friend in her business. With this
    post I said I must let her know that I'm here for her. I
    must let her know that god is always good. I must let
    her know that life is hard but we will get through it. I
    must let tell her not to put her faith in man. I could
    go on and on. I know what you mean when people
    say oh I understand. No you don't. A few years ago
    my oldest daughter was diagnosed with the
    Kawasaki disease. It is treatable but can be fatal if
    not treated with in 10 days. We got her to the
    hospital on day 7. I won't get on to detail I rather
    share this with you one on one but I understand the
    feeling of helplessness. I was angry, I sad, I felt
    guilty..and then I said you have given up!!! You have
    to fight! You have to pray but most of all Mina YOU
    have to believe! God is a god of miracles .. If he just popped up fixing problems that man could cure he won't be so awesome. So baby you set back, smile and know that god heals all things and he will hold and keep you during this time!!


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