Be Grateful....

that what we should be.  I was talking to a friend the other day & we were discussing parents & their children.  The discussion became very emotional when we started talking about parents who lack interest in being involved with their children.  She told me about a remark that a husband made to his spouse when he was asked to accompany his family to a winter festival. Having been to a recital the night before,  he indicated to his wife that their children were "in too much stuff & had too much going on". I began to cry & explain to her that this husband really needed to stop & think about what he was saying to his wife.  It really hurt me that someone who had multiple blessings from GOD would be so irritated at the request to simply do what a real man & father should be doing, spending quality time with his children.

I explained to my friend that Juwan & myself aren't sure how much time if any, we will get with Mylah. We don't know if it will be minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, or years. I told her that Juwan and I would give anything to be in that husbands shoes.  We are praying that we get to go to recitals, Christmas programs, graduations but we just don't know.

I think that parents need to stop sometimes and learn to appreciate what they've been given. Live in the NOW, in that very moment. When you are helping your child with his/her homework & you get frustrated because he/she isn't quite understanding as fast as you want them to, stop & Thank GOD that you have a child who is able to attend school & learn.  When your son/daughter asks for a toy don't scold them & remind them of how much you work to pay bills, put food on the table, or a roof over their head. Actually a parent is supposed to do all of these things. Be grateful that you & your child are able to have a conversation with each other.

Have conversations with your children, Hug them everyday, Kiss them every night, tell them "I LOVE YOU" every morning before you depart. Ask them "Do you know how much you mean to me?".  Have interest in what they are doing, Give them guidance, share your wisdom, spend time together, eat dinner at the table as a family with no distractions. 

The time you spend with your children is priceless & has a lasting effect on their lives.  I expressed to my friend that the father she spoke of would be very hurt if when his children got older & he started to show interest in them and what they were doing, but the feelings weren't mutual. By then it may be too late. No matter how hard he may wish he could turn back the hands of time, you may never get a second chance.

We don't know how much time we have on this earth & with each other.  Why not spend time nurturing the blessings that the LORD has blessed you with.

I don't know how much time GOD is going to allow Mylah to be mine, but I made a promise to create memories that will last a lifetime & to cherish the blessing he has given me in her no matter how long I have with her.


  1. Dearest Mina,

    So well said, we have to begin to live in the present moment. We have to begin EVERYDAY in gratitude. Our today's, are tomorrow's memories. Are we leaving good memories or bad memories?

    Sometimes we have to ask ourselves, what's truly important to us, what's meaningful to us and what really matters? Who are we trying to please? What legeacy are we leaving as parents? We can't assume just because the bills are paid, that our family knows we love them, we have to show and tell them. Some people try to buy things instead of spending quality time with family. Some people didn't have good mothers or fathers to model after. What if a parent was absent in that child's life?
    It takes a big person to learn not to repeat the cycle, but to know how it felt when they were young and felt the void and not repeat the cycle. An absent parent has so much effect on a child, they grow up feeling unloved, unwanted and abandoned. I could go on and on. Time with childred goes by so fast, they grow up so fast right before our eyes. A missed opportunity can never be given back, that only happens in the movies (It's A Wonderful Life). Seige the moment!
    Create lasting memories in your children eyes.

    It is never too late to start anew. Say "good morning", say "I Love You", say "I appreciate You", hug them but most importantly mean it. All of these things are free, but they are priceless in a life of a child.

    Have a Grateful Day!


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