When I was younger, I can recall being over my great-grandmother's house & seeing a copy of this poem in a picture frame on the wall. Being very young I wasn't able to grasp the full meaning of the poem.  I can remember the poem being very popular and many relatives & friends homes having the profound words displayed on walls, in curio cabinets, printed out folded into bibles; no matter where the poem was found it meant something to all those who carried it. 

Not until October 19, 2011 did I really come to understand how much power flowed between the sentences of the 200 word poem.  

I'm posting this poem as confirmation; confirmation that HE's always there, but mostly importantly that HE's there when you need HIM. When you're wondering; How you made it through, How you kept going, What guided you during the toughest time, Where you got the strength to go on, It was HIM & I'm THANKFUL that HE carried me & continues to carry me when I need HIM most!


  1. Hi Mina!

    What a lovely blog! We just heard about your families journey!Know that we are praying for you and I will be following your blog daily!

    God Bless You Dear!

    Shawn (Sandra)


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