Approach With An Open Mind....

That's what I had to do today to prepare for this meeting. I'm so glad my mother convinced me to schedule this meeting, it was NOT what I thought it would be.  I thought these ladies were coming to my home to discuss how they would prepare us for the possible death of our child. I imagined the meeting would be cold, sad, & somber, it was the total opposite.  All the questions I had in my last blog posting were answered. The ladies were reassuring, inviting, welcoming, calming, & so pleasant to meet with. It's amazing how God brings the people you need into your life.

We will get the support & advocacy that I'd been hoping for.  Options were discussed. They will advocate for us so that the delivery is the experience we hoped it could be. They will help us create memories. They spoke about BOTH outcomes; Mylah's possible death & the best of all Mylah's LIFE. Which is something I felt hadn't been acknowledged. 

I wasn't really sure what was going to happen today, but when they left our house I felt a weight lifted off of me.  They helped me realize that everything I'd been feeling was valid. They stressed preparing for Mylah's birth so that the process is as easy as giving birth could be, but acknowledged the extras that come with delivering a child with Trisomy 18. They encouraged me to get the 3d ultrasound I had planned to do in Jan. They advised having my baby shower to celebrate Mylah & her life.  All things that I was so unsure about.

Today's encounter was a total surprise, but the anxiety that had been building since I scheduled this meeting has gone away and has been replaced with calmness.

Additional meetings will take place to continue preparing us for this journey,  but I'm happy that there is someone who will Walk With Me.


  1. Thank you Mina for your very kind words...but I am Blessed to know you and to be part of a Beautiful, Blessed part of your life.
    So... I thank you!
    Kim, Walk With ME


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