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I know! I know! I haven’t posted here in years! I’d be surprised if anyone is still subscribed. If you are THaNK YOu!
Life has taken over and my passion for blogging diminished. I’m trying to find inspiration again!

Anyway for those who remain subscribed Mylah turned 7 today!!! Yes!!! SEVEN!

God is Amazing!!!!!

She’s growing and thriving. Currently, a little under the weather but we still celebrated her today.

Time definitely is not standing still and I can’t believe it’s been 7 years since her birth. I reflected on that day, remaining grateful for God’s grace and mercy. Especially in keeping Mylah this long.

Her smile is just as bright as the sun and she continues to have the strength of a warrior.

We had a few family members over today. We ate good  and celebrated another year of a Mylahs life.
She coughed most of the day, we wiped her runny nose but we also sang and ate cake(Moana themed)!

Now that we have started to wind down for the night, I felt I should update this blog because…

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