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I posted this message on my social media pages last year. My feelings have not changed and I feel like the words still describe every emotion I went through that day! Seven years ago I sat in the waiting room; nerves on edge, stomach in knots, palms sweaty, & feeling helpless.  She was just over 7lbs and 3 months old, having lived 3 months longer than many physicians said. The sunglasses I wore hid the fear in my eyes. My faith carried me as we walked her back to the surgery pre-op beds.  In her eyes was wisdom far beyond her years. Her little heart, broken yet mighty spoke to mines. Her life would be a powerful story of Hope, Faith, & Strength. Her testimony would inspire the hopeless and open the eyes of those trying to find their way to HIM, so she wasn’t going to leave me.    She had a number of angels surrounding her and the intercessory prayers of people near and far, she was here for a reason.  When surgery was over and we walked in the ICU I wanted to spr

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