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Merry Christmas!

 Merry Christmas to all!! Mylah did really good with her Christmas photos this year! We didn’t even break out in a sweat ☺️.  My last post was to honor our fellow Trisomy 18 sister Lila Claire. Since that post we lost Mylahs Big sister, Ava. Ava passed in September. It’s so crazy how life can change in an instant.  We last saw Ava at Lila’s memorial, we were able to love on her even during our time of bereavement for Lila. That’s the ironic part about this journey; smiling and loving on one another usually occurs during a memorial service. They serve as in between reunions of sorts. Most of us gather once a year for the annual SOFT conference, but funerals/memorials are usually the other “unofficial” reunions.  Toya and Ava Lila’s Memorial- Ava, her mom Billie Jo, Mylah & I  Lila’s Memorial- Us with Kayse, Lila’s mom Losing Lila was hard, a little too close. Losing Ava was devastating because in this journey many times death is preceded by some sort of illness or hospitalization.

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