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 Happy Birthday Mylah!  Mylah is TEN! Just typing those words brings a feeling I can't describe.  Last Thursday on 3/24, marked 3,652.425 days Mylah has lived on this Earth. Life took on a new meaning when she was born, but these last few years with other life events and the pandemic, has redefined what living means.   Mylah has always given me so many reasons to be thankful and grateful, especially for things many of us take for granted. To have survived the recent events of the world and make it this far without being ill and hospitalized is a complete blessing.  Thursday morning, we woke up snuggled in bed together around the time of her actual birth. Reflecting back on that morning 10 years ago and the journey to that moment. Recalling all the negative things we were warned of and the assurances of pain; to actually being fortunate to look my daughter in her eyes, gleaming back at me in the room lit only by the blue hue of the television...... she lives, 10 years later, she sti

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