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10 years!!!!!!! Hey everyone! I know, I know, its been a long time!  Life has been.... LIFE. A lot has gone on since I last posted, but today I felt the need to send out a message to anyone who may still subscribe to this blog.    Today is October 19, 2021.  When I woke up today it felt slightly different. I was riding home from having breakfast with my parents and thoughts started to overcome me. The weather today in Michigan is treating us nice. The sun was shining bright today. It wasn't too cold or too hot, but just right. It felt the same this day, 10 years ago.  I took Mylah to her annual physical yesterday. When we were done the nurse was attempting to make her appointment for next year. She asked "How's October 19, 2022?. I paused, a slight grumble grew in my stomach. I felt uneasy, I didn't know how to respond. "Umm, do you have anything for the next day?" "Sure" she replied.  I thought to myself ,"We do NOT do appointments on my birth

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